IQ Medical Services is the exclusive distributor for nuclear medicine technology of several brands in the Latin America region. With our unique network of distributors, professional services, and vast portfolio of technology, we provide complete solutions that best fit your individual needs. Explore the brands we are proud to offer below.
The Comecer Group
Comecer is a world leader in the field of nuclear medicine, specializing in management, processing, and dispensing systems for radiopharmaceuticals. Their mission is to design and manufacture high-technology systems in the field of nuclear medicine, isolation technology, and nuclear power plant equipment, with the aim to continuously increase the accuracy and the safety of technicians, researchers, and patients. The motto, “Safety First”, is a philosophy which distinguishes and identifies all Comecer policies and actions.
Bacon Laboratories
Bacon Laboratories is a company with a career spanning more than three decades, specializing in the preparation of radiopharmaceuticals. They have recently enriched their product catalog with innovative technologies for diagnosis and treatment of several types of tumors.


The Rotem Industries Medical Imaging division is a world leader in consumables for PET imaging. Rotem develops, manufactures, and supplies complete packages for radiotracer production: oxygen-18 enriched water, plastic cassettes, precursors, and full reagent kits for a range of synthesis modules. Serving customers through a worldwide network, Rotem excels in uncompromising product quality coupled with a deep understanding of customers’ needs, in order to ensure uniformly high production yields and unsurpassed quality. The passion for quality is driven by a team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals who recognize the critical role their products play in the PET Radiotracer production chain.


Compañía Mexicana de Radiología – CMR

Compañía Mexicana de Radiología “CMR” is a manufacturer of X-ray equipment for use in medical diagnostics, as well as an Archive System and Diagnostic Images Distribution “PACS”. CMR was founded in 1973 and has an installed base of more than 3,000 equipment manufactured in their factory located in the city of Querétaro, Mexico.

Dilon Diagnostics

Dilon Diagnostics is a world leader in molecular breast imaging, changing the game for individuals with questionable mammogram results, dense breasts, implants, etc. Dillon provides innovative products in diagnostic imaging, interventional imaging technology for MBI guided biopsy, and surgical imaging with 3D SPECT.